Reset Nokia N900 Security Code

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Forgotten your Nokia N900 Security Code? Its a bitch. If are geek enough and choose not to go to Nokia Service Centre, you can try the following:

1. Go to your Application Manager, and search for “OpenSSH Client And Server”. Install.

2. Set your rootpassword to something simple, ex: “abcde”

3. Download a file “a.out” from HERE.

4. Download ssh browser (unless you are very good in Unix command line), you can try WinSCP (For Windows), or RBrowser (For Mac).

5. Look for your Nokia N900 IP address (LAN). You can go the xTerminal and type: ifconfig (make sure you : “sudo gainroot” 1st!), then look for “inet addr:”

*If you find it troublesome, you can download a IP widget from App Manager to show your current IP on your Maemo desktop.

6. Secure Remote from you computer to your Nokia N900 via the ssh browser which you just download:

go for: root@youripaddress

password: “yourpassword” or abcde if you followed the earlier instruction. Leave the Port to 22.

7. Navigate further to: /usr/bin/

8. Drag and drop the “a.out” file into the /usr/bin/ folder

9. After you drop the file into in, right click, change the permission. I will show you on the below screenshot:

Screen shot 2011-01-30 at AM 12.15.18

*Remember to “select” all the “X”. This means you are giving access to owner, group and others.

10. After doing so, proceed to your Nokia N900,select xTerminal again.

11. Type: “ a.out”

*You should see the below screenshot:

Screen shot 2011-01-30 at PM 01.30.14

Bingo, now go to “Settings”, select “Device lock” and change your Security Code from there.

34 thoughts on “Reset Nokia N900 Security Code”

  1. Dear
    In case my mobile is locked with a security lock code which I forgot, and I cannot log into my device, what is the procedure to reset it?

  2. sir i lost my n900 security code can you help me please my imei no is 356938035716860 sir please help me

  3. i performed the operation but there is no change in security code…….after typing the command in x terminal it shows a different message……

  4. u better make it clear on step #6:
    Host name is your phone’s ip address, so for Host: [phone's ip address]
    and user name is root, so for username: root
    and password is abcde(or whatever you chose)
    thanks for the instructions anyway ;)

  5. thanks sir , you made my day

    wanna add something ,
    if you have any problem connecting your phone via W.lan you can download a program called “Mad Developer” via the app.manager and connect your phone via USB it worked with me.

  6. please i dont understand the number 6. can someone help me out please??????????????????????????? i am new to nokia n900 but i really need the security code changed.

  7. i have the same problem also. i need to restore factory settings on my nokia n900 but it says wrong code please help me out here is my imel #356938031529804

  8. hello sir can you please help me i have nokia N900 my MEI:356938030027784
    i forget my security code and dont know how to do it ,, thank you in advance sir

  9. sir i forgot my password and mentoined the trick thanks for that sir i am understood that if you can give me master code it will helpfull for me i have nokia N900 my phone serial no is 356938036986777
    THANKS in advance

  10. i don’t understand what you mean in step 6. you should made a print screen with the setup of winSCP. what should i choose…sftp, http://ftp…where i put root@myip ? at host box or username? normally…@ host…but what i put on username?…

  11. when i enter comand “ a.out its shows you’re fucked. your responsibility.” why is that ???????? please help me to unlock thanks

  12. i am forgeting my nokia n900 pasworld can you help me what to do say to my mail &ph:9688024841

  13. Thank you for your illuminating steps. However, alas for me, my problem was not resolved. When I switch on my N900, it asks for my lock code which I’ve forgotten. Since I can’t reach the application manager, what should I do? Any assistance would be much appreciated. Please note I have a mac not PC. Thank you.

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